What is a Virtual Assistant?


The Alternative PA is a professional and flexible Virtual Assistant solution to meet your business requirements, be it full PA support, administration tasks, marketing and a full event management service.  We can look after your business conference arrangements, family celebrations, private functions and even organise your wedding or christening, so please get in touch.

What is a Virtual Assistant?
Virtual Assistants are highly-skilled, experienced, senior personal and executive assistants. We provide freelance support, when you need it, virtually from our office using our own equipment and furniture. Virtual Assistants are self-employed, so there are no employer’s responsibilities like PAYE, National Insurance, tax, sick pay, maternity leave, paid holiday or benefits packages. Best of all you don’t need to provide virtual assistants with any office space, desk or equipment, so if you operate your business from your home, you won’t lose your privacy or space.

Not enough hours in the day?
As your business grows, so do administrative tasks. The more time you spend in your business on administrative tasks, the less time you spend on your business generating more sales and planning its growth.

How much is your time really worth?
It’s your responsibility to generate new revenue for your business, so you doing all the small (but important) administrative tasks yourself is not the best use of your time. The prudent business owner delegates the less profitable tasks by hiring someone, whose hourly rate is somewhat less than your real financial worth.

Advantages of using a Virtual Assistant
As more and more businesses move their marketing and communications to the Internet, VA’s are becoming the obvious solution to staffing issues. For an hourly fee, often less than the cost of temps or the real cost of employees, businesses can take advantage of professional assistance and a variety of skills at the click of a mouse. There’s no employment contract, no employers tax or NI, no holiday or sick pay to worry about. You don’t need to worry about finding space for a desk or providing a computer and best of all you only pay for the hours actually worked on your business.

I am keen to help small businesses to grow and stand out in the business world and to enable them to operate more efficiently, enhancing  productivity, thus enabling them to free up time to look after current customers and most important of all gain new customers!

So what are you waiting for.  Take a look at our services we offer on our ‘How we can work with you’ page.