Step into Spring…

There’s a freshness in the air today; signs of new life, birds singing their song and beautiful yellow daffodils in bloom. Spring is a time for new beginnings, a time when we focus on maybe a spring clean in the house, a tidy-up in the garden and planting new seeds.


I myself am in the process of selling my house which means things must be kept tidy at all times in preparation for that all-important viewing.  We’ve put a huge amount of effort decorating, upgrading and generally turning it into a beautiful home during the last 10 years.

At this time of year, we’re also conscious of eating healthier and losing a few pounds so we’re ready to cast a clout and enter into our spring/summer wardrobe.  We may have a holiday on the horizon which we’re hoping to shape up for. We may be more conscious of what our skin looks like and apply the moisturiser more generously with a view to it soon being exposed.

With the house and our well-being boxes ticked, it’s time to reflect too on where our business is going and think hard about where our focus should be. Maybe your business needs re-energising – maybe a re-brand, new website?  It may be that you’ve taken your foot off the pedal and become complacent with what you are doing. Are you reaching the right people in your current marketing activities? Are you keeping in touch with your clients and actively trying to find new ones? Are you sticking to a plan?  All of this is a lot to think about when you are a small business and it’s extremely difficult to keep on top of everything when running a house, looking after your family and not to mention the running of your business affairs.

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So, what’s the answer?

Delegate, delegate, delegate! I myself found it very difficult to delegate tasks over the years especially when I was a new business starting out 3 years ago. I attempted to do my own tax return the first year and ended up spending most of the week attempting to complete the online form.  The hours I had spent could have been better spent doing other things that I am good at, saving me time, money and not to mention a huge amount of stress. It’s difficult sometimes to make that decision but as I have learnt over the years, you have to leave the things you are not an expert in to the expert who does!

Time to plant your business seeds…


The Alternative PA can support your business with marketing services; marketing consultancy, web design, designing a new logo and marketing materials, photography & videography for your business, event planning, not to mention full PA and administration support. If we can’t help you ourselves, we normally know a man who can!

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